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Thermal Disinfecting

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Thermal Fogging Disinfection

The Coronavirus has created a real health threat in our country and worldwide. You can’t escape the news of this pandemic nor the potential effect on our health and economy. To combat the spread of this dangerous virus,  STEAMDRY has developed an effective and innovative way to protect your home, family and businesses. 

For many years we have used thermal fogging as an effective method for removing smoke and curry odors. The small droplet size of the deodorizing products we use have proven to be superior to every other method including ozone generating machines. The microscopic size of the fogging agent allows it to penetrate into every crack and crevice. 

We are now using this same successful delivery method in odor elimination to attack the Coronavirus. Using a specially designed thermal fogger, with an ultra fine droplet size of 5 microns, we can now disinfect areas and surfaces that were previously inaccessible. We use an EPA approved chemical with a safety record dating back many years. The active ingredient in the product we use is Hydrogen Peroxide! In fact, you could call this nature’s way of disinfection since it is a combination of hydrogen (H2), which is the most abundant chemical in the universe, and water (H2O). 

STEAMDRY will safely disinfect your home or workspace for a fraction of what any other method costs. We can quickly and safely disinfect electronics (computers, keyboards, printers) with little to no prep. In fact, it’s better to leave your papers, pens, staplers, etc. right where they are and even open your desk drawers for maximum penetration. In addition, we will disinfect your HVAC system and duct work. 

Give us a call with the square footage of your home or business and we will give you an instant quote that won’t break the bank. But rest assured, you will be getting the best, most effective disinfection service you can buy at ANY price! 

Disinfecting for pathogens can be categorized into 4 main methods

Physical Wipe Down:

This method is the least effective, most time consuming and the most expensive. Using this type of procedure will inevitably leave untreated surfaces. However, if all areas of a business must remain open, this may be your best option particularly if you have available employees to perform this task. 

Surface Spray:

Using a sprayer can be useful, and can certainly get the job of disinfecting accomplished, but only in limited areas. Since a large volume of liquid is used with large droplets, typically a lot of time will spent removing the excess and drying the liquid. But again, this can only be used in very limited areas.

ULV Foggers:

ULV foggers (ultra low volume) have a droplet size of 20 microns and is most practical and effective when used in locker rooms and other facilities where there are no sensitive electronics or paper goods that could be adversely affected. This method leaves a visible layer of moisture which typically dries in 10 minutes to an hour. In these low risk environments where there is Staph bacteria, an active fungus (athletes foot), etc., this is usually the most effective method.

Thermal Foggers:

Thermal foggers have a small (5 micron) droplet size which have the ability to penetrate cracks and crevices. This type of treatment uses an inert carrier (which evaporates) leaving behind the active ingredient for disinfection and sanitization. With a high quality and well-designed machine the fog appears to be dry. Using this method computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, paper goods and even HVAC systems can be safely and effectively disinfected. With the correct carrier fluid, and an appropriate chemical designed for use

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