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The #1 Thermal Disinfecting in Waterloo, WI with Over 400 5-Star Reviews!

Learn why SteamDry has a PhD in Clean and is a leader in thermal disinfecting in Waterloo. Since 1994, SteamDry has been proudly serving Waterloo in the thermal disinfecting industry, and we promise to provide you with the best professional thermal disinfecting services at unbeatable costs.

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Affordable and Professional Thermal Disinfecting in Waterloo

STEAMDRY’s highly trained and talented thermal disinfecting technicians will use their deep expertise and cutting-edge cleaning procedures to provide you with a pristine home. We are confident that you will enjoy our services. We have courteous, competent cleaners who can assist you with any cleaning needs you may have.

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What to Look for in a Thermal Disinfecting Company & Methods

We don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our equipment or cleaning solutions, which is one of the reasons we get such amazing cleaning results. We are dedicated to employing only the best professionals. Let’s have a look at our thermal disinfecting process right now.

  • Physical Wipe Down
    This method is the least effective, most time consuming and the most expensive. Using this type of procedure will inevitably leave untreated surfaces. However, if all areas of a business must remain open, this may be your best option particularly if you have available employees to perform this task.

  • Surface Spray
    Using a sprayer can be useful, and can certainly get the job of disinfecting accomplished, but only in limited areas. Since a large volume of liquid is used with large droplets, typically a lot of time will spent removing the excess and drying the liquid. But again, this can only be used in very limited areas.

  • ULV Foggers
    ULV foggers (ultra low volume) have a droplet size of 20 microns and is most practical and effective when used in locker rooms and other facilities where there are no sensitive electronics or paper goods that could be adversely affected. This method leaves a visible layer of moisture which typically dries in 10 minutes to an hour. In these low risk environments where there is Staph bacteria, an active fungus (athletes foot), etc., this is usually the most effective method.

  • Thermal Foggers
    Thermal foggers have a small (5 micron) droplet size which have the ability to penetrate cracks and crevices. This type of treatment uses an inert carrier (which evaporates) leaving behind the active ingredient for disinfection and sanitization. With a high quality and well-designed machine the fog appears to be dry. Using this method computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, paper goods and even HVAC systems can be safely and effectively disinfected. With the correct carrier fluid, and an appropriate chemical designed for use.

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Reviews from Customers
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  • 5 Star Rated

    SteamDry is the best hands down! First used them when I had an middle of the night pipe burst and two rooms ended up flooded. They showed up immediately for emergency water removal and were so kind. I’ve since had my carpet cleaned with them twice and the work, and the customer service was outstanding!!! I won’t use anymore else now!

    ~ Melissa D.

  • 5 Star Rated

    Absolutely fantastic job done!! Timely, attentive, and done quickly. I don’t think the carpets looked this good even when we first bought our house. HUGE thanks to Luke for doing an incredible job making our carpets look brand new. Will absolutely recommend them for any carpet cleaning needs and will use them again when we get settled in our new home!

    ~ Brianna Rozman

  • 5 Star Rated

    We just had our capet and furniture done. The pros where Luke & Torance. Soooo good. Worked well as ateam. My carpet loooks brand new. The guys had top Service Management Skills. They deserve every penny they make, but more would be better. With workers like them the business will expand. Thanks for the Great Service guys!

    ~ Sharon Haberski

  • 5 Star Rated

    Luke was the Carpet Cleaner that cleaned my carpets on 7-19-21. He did an excellent job. Great service, very professional, polite and made sure he explained any questions I had and educated me on Store bought Cleaners and how they affect my carpets. He made sure he got all of the areas and asked my opinion if I needed him to go over any area. I was impressed. I would recommend your Service because of Luke and his top Quality work.

    ~ Bonnie Forrest

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